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Advice on Agricultural Tenancies

All matters as for the purchase and sale of farmland, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Acting for prospective tenants or landlords under Limited Duration Tenancies (usually 15 to 25 years) and Short Limited Duration Tenancies (up to 5 years) and advising clients on seasonal Grazing Lets (364 days or less per year).
  • Acting for tenants and landlords in relation to the 1991 Act secure tenancies and Limited Partnership tenancies.
  • Negotiation and completion of documentation in relation to the dissolution of Limited Partnerships or renunciations in respect of a 1991 Act tenancy.
  • Advising tenants or landlords in relation to tenant ‘Right to Buy’ Notices in the Register of  Community Interests in Land.
  • Advising landlords or tenants in relation to tenancy succession under 1991 Act secure tenancies and Limited Duration Tenancies.
  • Consideration of landlord and tenant obligations in relation to maintenance and repair of fixed equipment.
  • Providing legal advice in relation to rent review procedures and diversification out of agriculture.
  • Advising landlords and tenants in relation to resumptions of land out of a lease.